Hopes and Dreams - Oasis Academy

Temujun Gill and his company Grounded Movement worked with Oasis Academy in Shirley Park, Croydon to create his box - Hopes and Dreams. Here's what the teacher and pupils had to say about their experience:

Hopes and Dreams in the class room

Roswitha Chesher

Student 1

The workshops allowed me to explore dance in a new way. Working with the stimulus allowed me to move my body in new and innovative ways rather than performing the same actions.

Student 2

The session helped to develop my confidence in creating new movement, which is something I have always found difficult. It has helped me to understand more about the choreographic process.

Student 3

I really enjoyed the workshop as it helped me to explore movement though working with a stimulus. This is something we are currently doing in lesson time. I really enjoyed working as a whole group and going through the movements together, repeatedly helped to develop my confidence.

Student 4

I usually overthink movement when trying to choreograph but this session helped me to create movement in response to a word/feeling.


A fantastic session that all of the students thoroughly enjoyed. The creative writing tasks worked extremely well alongside our current unit of work (working with a stimulus). Choreography is an area our students particularly struggle with but the workshop has given them a bank of tasks that they can use to encourage new movement and exploring movement in a new way. All of the dancers/leaders were extremely professional and encouraging/friendly- myself and Jade really appreciate your time!

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