ArtsUnboxed is a new way of thinking from Greenwich Dance

ArtsUnboxed is designed to create a sustainable and cost effective way to supply venues and their audiences with access to performance and participatory experiences.


We do this by:

Empowering freelance artists to work more sustainably for themselves, the environment and their communities in the following ways:


Commissioning artists to create performance or participatory works up to presentation stage. The works are then packaged into a virtual box and offered for sale on our platform – moving ideas rather than people.


Offering artists with existing works the opportunity to upload their box onto the platform.


Being transparent about the proceed split and the licensing terms and conditions for the purchaser of the choreography, templates, schedules, marketing assets etc created by those artists.


Encouraging venues to work with local artists and producers to either recreate or reimagine the content for their own audiences.


Splitting the proceeds of the sale of the licences, weighted to the artists, by way of a royalty to create a passive income.


Reducing the need for physical travel by touring ideas rather than people, and reducing the duplication of work.


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