Greenwich Dance created ArtsUnboxed in order to revolutionise the way dance is created and shared. Let's unbox that...

What is ArtsUnboxed?

At its most basic, ArtsUnboxed is a way for creatives to develop a recipe for new dance work that can be replicated by artists in local settings around the country. This ground-breaking initiative is the latest example of how we have continued through the pandemic to provide opportunities for artists to create and audiences to engage with dance work in a safe environment, while also supporting employment in the sector and offering hope for the future.
Melanie Precious CEO Greenwich Dance

ArtsUnboxed is a revolutionary new way of creating and touring dance for the benefit of communities of artists, participants and audiences. By touring ideas rather than people, ArtsUnboxed sets about to reimagine the way in which we as a sector deliver culture to communities and just as importantly the ways we engage with, and financially compensate, the artists who make and deliver this work.

ArtsUnboxed is an online shelf upon which we will line up ‘recipe boxes’ for dance performance and participation projects. The recipes are written by incredible artist and producer teams who have done all the thinking and planning and are willing to share their ideas and work with others in return for a fee. Using ArtsUnboxed we will empower freelance artists to work more sustainably for themselves, the environment and their communities.

For many years the sector has been questioning the validity and suitability of the traditional touring model. Whilst admittedly it’s the way artists get their work seen and venues bring new voices to their communities, the traditional touring model also presents many challenges. Touring carries financial risk to both the artists and the venues. Presenting work from performers outside of the region does little to support employment of the local artistic communities and there are often questions around the ability to create legacy once companies move on to new venues. Multiple rounds of funding bids from venues and companies working on the same production can result in staffing costs slicing through the funds, making less money available for the art itself. Lastly, and probably most importantly of all, shipping dancers about the country, to places where there are already performers trying to make a living, is bad for the environment.

Why is ArtsUnboxed needed?

ArtsUnboxed was born out of this need to do things differently. The process of living through a global pandemic and being forced to find new ways to continue to provide cultural opportunity for communities of artists and audiences has also driven its urgency and facilitated, thanks to the Cultural Recovery Fund, its implementation. However, the change ArtsUnboxed is setting out to make will be relevant long after we have learnt to live with Covid-19.

We believe that if we empower artists, they will create exciting new ways of making work by, with and for local communities.

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