Protection of Intellectual Property

The protection of intellectual property has been a primary concern and the ArtsUnboxed Team have worked very closely with lawyers experienced in music licensing as well as the Independent Theatre Council to ensure our contracts with the artists are clear, fair and honourable. The artists agree to having purchasers amend their ideas and work but in return for a royalty. We are also very clear that they have to have sought all permissions and rights to use any components within the work such as music, artwork and images.

Copying and unlicensed distribution of the work

Policing the agreed distribution of the work is another factor. We are mitigating against unfair distribution/copying of the work by creating contracts, again with input from lawyers and advisors, which specify a specific licensing period, stipulate that only the signer of the agreement is able to present the work multiple times within the specified licensing period, is allowed and it cannot be passed, transferred on or ‘gifted’ to others. On our website we will make clear that failure to adhere to the principles of the platform results in freelance dance artists being exploited which is contrary to the intention of the initiative and can lead to legal action.

Conflict of Interest

We have a process in place to ensure artists understand that once work is on the platform artists will be forbidden from selling it independently unless they go through the platform, as this will create a conflict of interest and go against the artist/Greenwich Dance agreement. Contracts will give Greenwich Dance an exclusive license for a set period after which artists can either extend the licence period or remove the work from the platform.

Ease of Purchase

Paying for dance via a website is a new concept and to create confidence in the process. Much work has been done with HdK Associates, our web developers,  and the ArtsUnboxed team to ensure this process has clarity and is streamlined. The purchase terms and conditions will be available to pre-read in the FAQ’s, then once a box has been purchased it will trigger the sending of a contract, enabling software that will require an electronic signature, in presence of a witness, before completing the transaction. Upon signature the purchaser will be able to log in to the site and download the box.


Download Sample Licence Agreement

Licence Agreement

Download Sample Licence Agreement (Anatomical only)

Licence Agreement