MidSummerland is a 40 minute audio experience for families. Ideal for animating outdoor spaces, or large foyers.

Digital | Indoor | Outdoor | £1500

Will Holt

This box contains

  • - An audio adventure for families

What's it all about?

MidSummerland is a 40 minute audio adventure for families. Participants experience the event in pairs or small groups. They are led by a voice to an imaginary festival and encouraged to participate in physical activity. Breathe In, press play and set off on and extraordinary adventure together. Take the Noodle Pathway, past the Cannonball Hedgehogs, through the Thoughtful Field and into the mysterious tent where your fortune will be told. Make sure to save enough energy for the grand finale – the annual trifle dance! MidSummerland can be experienced in indoors or outdoors, in a park, or in a theatre foyer, in a carpark or in a museum. It can be experienced in urban or rural environments, in larger foyer spaces or winding through the corridors of a library. Ideal for inviting audiences back into a building or animating a town centre space.

Who is it for?

MidSummerland is perfect for parents and carers with children aged 5+. This age guidance is recommended as the participants will need to wear headphones and be able to follow instructions independently. Participants are encouraged to close their eyes for a short time and be led by their partner. They are encouraged to hold hands and at one point "snuggle".

What else do I need to know?

This box has a unique license whereby purchasers are able to use the material for six days of performance. Download a sample license agreement for more information. You will sign and receive your own version during the purchasing process.  

How can we help?

Need a facilitator or local producer? Looking for some practical help? Get in touch and we'll connect you with a local practitioner and answer any questions you might have.  
Listen to the audio trailer:


MidSummerland £1,500.00

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What's in my box?

  • How to guide
  • Audio file of adventure
  • Audio trailer
  • Poster design
  • Designed script
  • Access guides


The Buildy Uppy Dance Show


Anatomical are specialists in making interactive theatre performances for families. They are led by the award winning performers and choreographers Anna Williams and Tom Roden. The hugely popular ‘The Doodle Dance Show’ is set around a giant piece of paper where the audience draw and dance their way through a magical story. In ‘The Buildy-uppy Dance Show’ the audience use hundreds of cardboard boxes to create an ever changing set for the show to inhabit.

Their shows have toured extensively with performances at The V&A, The Place, Greenwich Dance, ROH, Strike-a-light, Theatr Clwyd and arts centres and theatres around the UK. Their latest work – The Snowy Showy – is currently in a research phase and will be premiered at The Place, London in December 2021.

Tom Roden is co-director of international touring company New Art Club and an independent director working in theatre, dance and opera. Current projects include: Director of new creations by Stuart Waters and Viv Gordon, national tour of New Art Club’s ‘Cupid’s Revenge’.

Anna Williams is an award winning performer and choreographer working in dance, live art and theatre. Her choreography has been nominated for a South Bank award. She regularly works as rehearsal director and collaborator with Russell Maliphant, Shobana Jeyasingh and New Art Club. She is a lecturer in Choreography and Creative Studies at NSCD.

Photo of The Buildy Uppy Show: Chris Nash

Claire Summerfield headshot

Claire Summerfield

Executive Producer, Tandem Works

Tandem Works: is award winning Independent Producer Claire Summerfield. We support companies/artists developing and presenting performance-based work; from one person shows to site specific multi-disciplinary productions to and international tours.

Each partnership responds to the needs of the artist/company and may include artistic and organisational strategy development, project design, partnership development and mentoring. Our current portfolio includes: Anatomical, New Art Club, Second Hand Dance and Rachel Mars, and past relationships include Mars.tarrab, Tom Dale Company, 30 Bird and Michael Pinchbeck .

Claire has a specialisms in dance at the intersection of technology and for Children & Young People (CYP). Our artists have presented work at some of the key CYP’s festivals eg IPAY (Philadelphia), Krokus (Belgium), Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, Belfast International Children’s Festival & Showbox (Norway). Claire is the only UK member of the global Young Dance Network.

Tandem Works has been working with Anatomical and New Art Club over the last 18 months, producing The Buildy Uppy Dance Show at the V&A Museum and Cupid’s Revenge at the Surf the Wave showcase. We are currently developing a new seasonal show.

Case Studies

MidSummerland. A parent and child hold hands and stretch in opposite directions while wearing headphones

MidSummerland in Greenwich

Midsummerland. Two children listen to the audio adventure in a playground

MidSummerland at Cherry Orchard School